Small group training has increased in popularity in recent years and for good reason. Many times it is a more affordable option. With fun classes like Zumba, Body Pump, and spin we can change our workouts easily, and we don’t have to workout alone! Today we’re talking about 3 main reasons you may want to look into group training.




There’s no doubt that if you want serious results and guidance through your fitness journey, personal training is the way to go. But for many, personal training isn’t an option. With the industry average being $60 per hour for a personal trainer many of us just can’t afford it. Though WeTrain is trying to solve that problem, we are not yet accessible everywhere. For those who can’t use WeTrain, group training is a great option. According to IdeaFit, group training rates are between $10-$25 per hour making it an affordable alternative for those looking for some guidance.




Aside from price, group fitness classes offer the ability to change up your workout. With so many class options like Body Pump, Zumba, Yoga, Cycling, and MMA you can have a different workout for every day of the week. This is great for when you are just starting out and aren’t exactly sure what you should be doing.




The last and maybe one of the best benefits of group exercise is the community environment. Unlike personal training – when working out in a group class you have other people there doing the same workout as you. If you continue going to the same classes you will probably start to become friends with many of these people. They then become your support system, people you can lean on when you are in a fitness rut.

Overall group fitness has many advantages - way more than outlined in this short article and can be a great option for someone who needs a support system, someone on a budget, or someone new to fitness.

Let us know why you like group workout classes!