Let’s face it, everyone wishes that they had the perfectly sculpted bod advertised on the cover of Health magazine in the grocery store checkout aisle. When in truth, your cart is probably full of chips, chocolate bars, and reduced fat ice cream, convincing yourself that there are worse things you could be eating. The fact of the matter is, the only thing separating you and the Crossfit fanatic in the aisle beside you is that one of you is suffering from something we like to call a Pre-Workout Mind Block. Overcoming this obstacle is by far the most challenging part of getting yourself to move, after you do this you’ll be on your way to building the six-pack of your dreams.

The Pre-Workout Mind Block is quite simply this: a list in your head of every possible reason you should avoid working out, one of which you eventually find suitable and use to help justify the fact that you don’t hit the gym or call your trainer.

Your Pre-Workout Mind Block might look something like this:

1) I’m tired
2) I’m comfortable in my bed
3) I don’t like the way I look in my workout clothes and don’t want to wear them
4) I’m cold
5) I have a lot of other work to get done
6) I’m hungry
7) Working out is just too hard
8) I don’t even know what to do for a workout

The most important thing to remember is that you are in control of your mind. It is up to YOU to decide which thoughts will guide your actions on a daily basis. After you remember this, you are ready to battle your Pre-Workout Mind Block!



1) I’m tired:

As soon as you start working out you won’t be feeling lethargic. So here’s the trick: Jump up, drink a glass of cold water, put your workout shoes on and start playing your favorite pump-up jam on your phone or loud speaker. Music will help give you a boost of adrenaline and definitely get you excited about working out.



2) I’m comfortable in my bed:

Research shows that in order to get the best night sleep it is important to reserve your bed as a place for only sleep, that way your body will be trained to pass out as soon as you get in bed. In that case, you shouldn’t be lounging around in your sheets during the day time anyway and if you’re struggling because you’re not a morning person, follow the tips above to combat feeling tired.



3) I don’t like the way I look in my workout clothes and don’t want to wear them:

The only way to change this is to start working out! Use your clothes as a way to track your progress: you will better notice the progression of how you slowly begin to fit into them more easily after subsequent workouts. Your clothes can give you motivation and a goal



4) I’m cold:

This might be the easiest one to overcome. Three minutes into your workout you’ll be sweating (especially if you’ve been facing the pre-workout mind block for quite some time now), a t-shirt and shorts won’t phase you in the slightest. Perhaps working out is the best way to warm your body when you’re feeling the shivers.



5) I have a lot of other work to get done:

Don’t we all? The only thing I have to say about this is you will never, and I mean never, regret a workout. Though you might have to put off tasks and feel like you’re falling behind, you will always feel the benefit of a workout and will even increase your adrenaline levels, giving you more energy to complete your other work more efficiently.



6) I’m hungry:

In most cases, working out curbs hunger. If you’re looking to avoid the between meal cravings, get started on a workout and you’ll likely forget that you were even thinking about stealing a bowl of sugary cereal a few minutes earlier.



7) Working out is just too hard:

You don’t need to push yourself to your max at every workout. In fact, you should start your workouts light in order to avoid injury and extreme soreness and build upon them each time. A workout can be as simple as a 20-minute jog or 10 times up and down the stairs in your house, anything that gets your blood pumping and muscles moving!



8) I don’t even know what to do for a workout:

In this case, personal training is likely right for you. Certified trainers will work with you to build a personalized workout plan and give you the knowledge about how you can best achieve your fitness goals.Don’t be frustrated if you’re facing a Pre-Workout Mind Block, remember that being in control of your thoughts takes practice but each time, you will become stronger both physically and mentally!