Welcome to the WeTrain Fitness Blog! Here you will find great information relating to all aspects of health and fitness. WeTrain is an on call personal training company based in Philadelphia. What makes us special is that our trainers come to you whenever and wherever you want for as little as $8.50 per session. On top of that we pay our trainers 35% more than the national average salary.

To kick off the WeTrain Fitness Blog we are going to tell you our top five favorite spots to exercise outdoors. Most of our training sessions happen outdoors and because of that, we have become experts in finding the best spots in the city to get a great workout.

Number 1:

Rittenhouse Square!


Credit: M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia

If you work in Center City and are looking to grab a quick workout, nothing beats Rittenhouse Square. With tons of open space, trees, and benches you can hit all of your muscle groups in the same place without having to leave the city! And in the spring, it is one of the nicest places to be with the trees all in full bloom and the fresh green grass. We have found that a nice view with a hard workout always makes it go by a little bit quicker. Because of all this excellence Rittenhouse Square is one of our go to spots when we want to get a good circuit workout in.

Number 2:

Schuylkill River Trail


By Jeffrey M. Vinocur

Another beautiful place to exercise, the Schuylkill River Trail offers amazing running along the river. With no cars to worry about, this dedicated running trail stretches from South St. up to The Falls Bridge and beyond. Throw in the Art Museum located directly on the trail, all the hills, trees, and benches and you have another great exercise location to explore. We love this trail when we are doing a more cardio oriented exercise.

Number 3:

Speaking of the Art Museum…


Credit: T. Scheid for GPTMC

It is our next featured exercise location! Known for being featured in the Famous Rocky movies, the Philadelphia Art Museum was one of Rocky’s favorite exercise locations for a great reason! The Philadelphia Art Museum includes a 1 mile loop, direct access to the Schuylkill River Trail, stairs, benches, and walls. All of these things together make for an awesome circuit, strength, or cardio workout. It also has a great view from the top of the stairs looking down Benjamin Franklin Parkway at City Hall. And, on the other side of the Museum is the best view of the Philadelphia Zoo! In the summer you can watch the hot air balloon fly all day. Plus Sylvester Stallone has been known to come here when he’s in town so you might get lucky one day!

Number 4:

Boxer’s Trail.


Belmont Plateau Trails | Photo via Facebook

Boxer’s trail is probably the least known place on this list but, it is one of my personal favorites. Being located in a city, we get stuck running on the crowded streets. We forget what it’s like to do a trail run or run through the woods. Boxer’s trail gives us that opportunity again. Located just off the Sckuylkill River, Boxer’s trail is about 1 mile long and is one of the most fun running places in the city. Full of hills and slightly unstable grounds this trail will give you a great opportunity to build your awareness while running and build leg stability. The trail exits at a park where you can blast a quick circuit workout before turning around and heading back.

Number 5:



Skyline Photo via Visit Philly

Wherever you get inspired! Never feel obligated to workout in one place or think that you can’t workout in another. If you see something while walking down the street and think “that would be a cool place to workout” go for it! Get creative, leave the gym, and branch out on your own. You’ll be amazed at how many amazing spots you will find once you start looking.

So, try these places, try your own places, and get out there and start moving! It’s a new year, so leave your old habits in 2015 and kick 2016 off the right way. Let us know where you workout, and if you have any questions or comments!