There are many questions we get asked as personal trainers but the one question that gets asked most often is “what is the best kind of exercise for a beginner?” As a beginner or someone new to working out your body isn’t accustomed to the strain of exercise, it hasn’t adapted to all of the movements, and you may feel sore longer. Aside from that you may not know how to use all of the gym equipment and it may feel like you are doing the same 3-5 exercises every time you work out.

Because of this we like to recommend callisthenic exercise to beginners and even people who are bored with their current routine.  The reason calisthenics is such a powerful form of exercise is that it allows you to use the natural movements that your body already does on a day to day basis. Whether you know it or not we all do some kind of calisthenics at some point in our lives. Simplicity aside, callisthenic exercise is great because it can be done for less time, provides more health benefits, and is far more affordable than a standard gym workout.

A huge benefit of starting with callisthenic exercise is the amount of equipment needed. Because calisthenics focus on using your body weight as resistance there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on weight lifting equipment. A pull up bar and some exercise bands are all you really need to get a great workout. I personally like to use a suspension trainer like the TRX or Life Line Fitness Jungle Gym XT, but those aren’t necessary. For all of these items you will spend less than $200 and be set to workout whenever and wherever you want.

Even if we pretend price is no issue and we can afford to pay $20-$80 per month on a gym membership, calisthenics should not be ignored. Like we mentioned earlier calisthenics can be done in less time and provide more health benefits! Because callisthenic exercise is a fast paced workout designed to break down muscle fibers and get your heart rate up, the amount of time needed to achieve a great workout is cut down dramatically. What would take you an hour plus in the gym may only take you 30 minutes with calisthenics.

Because our heart rate is elevated the entire workout and we are breaking down our muscle fibers, our metabolism is elevated longer. Our metabolism is elevated while our heart rate is up during a workout, in the gym this is usually our cardio period. It is also elevated during the muscle repair phase which is generally 1-2 days after a workout; this comes from the weight lifting part of the gym workout. By combining these two things into one it allows us to cut down on time exercising while getting the same benefits.

So if you are a person on a tight time or money budget and getting fit is something that appeals to you, consider trying a callisthenic workout. Or if you are someone who has hit a plateau or maybe are in a rut in your fitness efforts, try shaking things up with a callisthenic workout! We have provided a great circuit that is designed to hit all of the muscle groups and boost the heart rate below. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Beginner Callisthenic workout:

Squat Jumps – 45 seconds.

Push-Ups – 45 seconds.

Mountain Climbers – 45 seconds.

Plank – 45 seconds.

Rest – 1 minute.

Repeat 3-4 times