Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Training Sessions?

Anywhere you want! At home, in the gym, or at the park. Our trainers specialize in circuit training workouts that can be conducted with or without any weights/equipment. If you have enough space to do a jumping jack, we can guarantee you a great workout!

When Are Training Sessions?

Anytime that works with your schedule. Just let us know when you book your session.

Are WeTrain Trainers Any Good? How Does WeTrain Recruit Trainers?

Nope, they’re great! All of our trainers are nationally certified and undergo a stringent six-step vetting process with only 10% of trainers making the cut. We guarantee each session you’ll be paired with a top trainer and will refund your session if we fall short. Every WeTrainer is:

  • Nationally Certified
  • Background Checked
  • Interviewed In-Person
  • Insured
  • Reference Checked
  • Committed to Helping You Reach Your Fitness Goals!

We pay our trainers 50% more than the gyms, so we get the best talent and guarantee you’ll love your workout!

Can I have a different trainer for each training session?

This is one of the coolest benefits of using WeTrain. By working out with different trainers, your workouts will always feel fun and fresh! The large number of trainers on our platform allows us to guarantee you a fantastic workout anytime, anyplace. With WeTrain, you have access to a massive network of vetted, certified and high-quality trainers committed to helping you reach your goals.

Can I request the same trainer if I love one in particular?

If you really love working out with one trainer in particular, we’ll be launching a new membership option soon to help you do just that!

Can I work out with a friend?

Absolutely! Working out with a friend is a great way to have fun, share the experience and have a great workout AND the best part is you get to split the cost!

Can I work out with 10 friends (aka group training)?

We love how popular you are. 🙂

Our trainers specialize in personal training but we do accommodate larger groups. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you are interested in receiving a large group quote.

How much of what I’m paying goes to the trainer?

We pay our trainers 50% more than the national average and have a cool Sweat Equity program that allows our trainers to participate in the growth of our Company. We pay the most so we can deliver you the best!

What kind of workout should I expect?

Our trainers specialize in body weight and circuit training to help you meet your overall health & wellness goals. We can also design a custom plan just for you if you’re training towards a specific life event or fitness goal!

What equipment do I need?

Our trainers bring everything you need for the workout and you’ll see results without any special equipment. That said, if you own any fitness equipment or have access to a home/apartment gym, our trainers will be happy to incorporate that into your workout.

Can we workout in gyms?

WeTrain trainers are happy to workout with you anywhere you like, including gyms that allow outside personal trainers! We also provide virtual training sessions which allow you to simply flip on your phone or internet-connected device to connect instantaneously to a live trainer.

How do I request a session?

To schedule a session, simply download, sign in and book a session on our mobile app, or visit the following site:

What if I travel frequently?

Feel free to schedule in-person training sessions when you’re in Philly and work with a virtual trainer when you’re on the road! Virtual training is the easiest way to stay in shape during hectic road trips or business travel.

How do Virtual Training Sessions work?

Virtual training gives you the same personalized and interactive training experience you’ve come to expect from WeTrain. The only exception is that our trainers come to you live through video!

You can use your phone, tablet or PC and we’ll come to you virtually. Simply schedule an appointment as you normally would, select “Virtual Training” and call via Skype at your scheduled start time.

How do I reschedule / cancel my session?

You simply change your scheduled session in the application or online where you scheduled it. There’s no charge on your end as long as you cancel before the Late Cancel window.
We ask that if you cannot make it to a session, you consider your trainer’s time and allow them to adjust accordingly. Please let us know the night before for changes to early morning sessions and with more than three hours’ notice for all other workouts. Sessions canceled after this will be Late Cancels and may be charged.

Do you provide diet & nutritional coaching as well?

WeTrain doesn’t offer formal nutrition coaching but our certified trainers can share some do’s & don’ts to help you meet your goals!

How can WeTrain support my business or group’s fitness goals?

WeTrain offers fantastic membership discounts for sports teams, apartment complexes, hotels and other groups interested in purchasing WeTrain Prime Membership for their organization. Contact us for group pricing today!

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