Maybe you’ve started going to the gym and have noticed a strange “fitness lingo” being passed around by gym regulars. You hear someone talking about their last AMRAP or Burner Set and you’re thinking “what the heck”? We understand – it can be confusing at times. But, just in case the hot fitness junkie at the gym asks you out, you need to know your stuff. Don’t worry, play it cool. All you need to do is throw in a couple of these fitness terms throughout the conversation and you’ll be right on track to scoring a date! If you just want to educate yourself for fun, that’s cool too.

Here are 50 terms that we think you should know:


Fitness nicknames

  1. GYM RAT: a person who spends all their leisure time in the gym (junkie, gym addict)
  2. MEAT HEAD: an enormously muscular guy, who usually cares more about fitness than anything else
  3. SPIN HEAD: someone who prefers to do cycling and is addicted to biking
  4. YOGI (or YOGINI for women): a practitioner of yoga



  1. BATTLE ROPES: used in HIIT training by making waves in the thick ropes as a stationary workout
  2. BARBELL: the long metal weight bar that disks are added to for lifting (usually 45lbs)
  3. PLATE: a plate refers to a 45lb plate (3 plates on each side of the bar=6x45lbs)
  4. POWER RACK: the complex metal racks where heavy lifting takes place at the gym
  5. TRX: total body resistance exercise: suspension training; a highly portable tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.



  1. DOUBLE UNDER: refers to jumping rope when you let the rope pass under your feet twice while in the air
  2. JUMP SQUAT: a regular squat with a jump at the top (a bit harder!)
  3. KIPPING: this is using momentum on an exercise (such as an explosive kick before a pullup) to make the weight seem lighter
  4. SNATCH: a highly technical olympic lifting move that involves lifting the barbell from the floor to the locked-arms position overhead in one movement
  5. THE BIG THREE: bench press, squat and deadlift – the ultimate ways to test total body strength


Ways to describe someone’s physical appearance:

  1. PUMP: after lifting weights you may hear people talk about pump. That is the feeling when your muscles are biggest immediately after a workout.
  2. SWOLE: to get “big”; put on muscle
  3. YOKED: describing someone who is well built and very muscular


Types of workout:

  1. AEROBIC: “cardio”- A type of exercise that when performing, the body requires lots of oxygen. Think running or cycling
  2. ANAEROBIC: stimulates heart rate and breathing rate in a way that cannot be sustained. Think sprinting
  3. CARDIO: anything that will elevate the heart rate.
  4. BURNER SET: this is done at the end of your workout in order to complete burnout and fatigue the muscles you were just using
  5. CALISTHENICS: exercises using your bodyweight and a variety of HIIT workouts. Designed to elevate your heart rate and allow you to workout anywhere with minimal equipment
  6. CROSSFIT: a type of exercise made popular in recent years mainly consisting of HIIT training.
  7. DROP SET: performing a workout with one weight then you super set the same exercise with a lower weight
  8. PERSONAL TRAINING: a one on one workout between a client and a fitness expert
  9. ON-DEMAND PERSONAL TRAINING: personal training that happens anytime you want it (Think WeTrain!)
  10. PILATES: a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness
  11. PLYOMETRICS: explosive movements that incorporate the whole body
  12. PYRAMID SET: start your workout with a low weight, progressively increase the weight until you hit the desired amount, then repeat the process going down in weight
  13. SPINNING: a type of cardio that utilizes stationary bikes
  14. SUPER SET: when you follow one workout immediately with another, no rest in between
  15. TABATA: type of high intensity interval training with 20 seconds high intensity sprint and 10 seconds rest
  16. WETRAIN: your on-demand personal training app to get awesome trainers anywhere, anytime
  17. YOGA: a workout that is based on a calming environment, and combining stretching with strengthening



  1. AMRAP: as many rounds as possible (completing a circuit of exercises for a set time period trying to make it through the circuit as many times as possible)
  2. EMOM: every minute on the minute (doing a certain group of exercises for a minute and switching at the minute mark)
  3. HIIT: high intensity interval training (popular in crossfit and personal training)
  4. PR: personal record! This could be in weight used or reps completed in a certain amount of time
  5. RX: this just means that you follow all of the weight and reps instructed by your trainer, no cheating!
  6. WOD: this is very simple. Workout of the day, it’s your choice!


Physical composition:

  1. ANABOLIC THRESHOLD: the level of exercise intensity at which lactic acid builds up faster than it can be cleared away (aka lactate threshold or lactate turnpoint)
  2. BMI: body mass index—relationship between height and weight
  3. BMR: basal metabolic rate—amount of energy expended while at rest
  4. BODY COMPOSITION: amount of fat vs. lean muscle
  5. LACTIC ACID: produced by the muscles during strenuous exercise



  1. GLYCEMIC INDEX: the effect a food has to blood-sugar levels
  2. MACROS: the specific aspects of your diet ie, fats, protein, carbs, etc.
  3. MEAL PREP: stick to a “my healthy plate” (½ plate of fruit and veggies, ¼ plate grains, ¼ plate proteins)

Periods in your fitness journey:

  1. BULKING SEASON: a time when someone is trying to gain weight by lifting weight and eating more (especially increasing protein intake)
  2. PLATEAU: when your progress comes to a halt and it is hard to push past it, but you can always break through the mental wall!So now you’ve got it. Here is your complete study guide of fitness terms to take anywhere, anytime. Next time the fitness hottie comes close, start with something easy like, “Wow, that AMRAP you just completed was super impressive, you’re looking really SWOLE,” could even ask, “was that a PR?”. With that, your odds are looking good. Best of luck out there! Love, your WeTrain team.