We’ve searched the streets of Philadelphia for the best of the best when it comes to health and food. These mouth watering picks combine style, health and of course, good eats. Here is our top 4 of the ‘Best Health Spots’ in Philadelphia.



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WHAT: Fast, fresh, 100% plant based food in the heart of Philadelphia.

WHERE: Rittenhouse; 127 S. 18th Street & University City, 214 S. 40th St.

OUR PICK: Crispy Hipcity Ranch - $8.75

REVIEW: “Absolutely delicious. I am addicted to the Crispy Hip City Veg sandwich. There are so many other fantastic options. The staff is very efficient, both for onsite orders and deliveries. I highly recommend HipCity–it’s one of the best places in Philly.” – Nathan Walker



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WHAT: Local. Sustainable. Crafted.

WHERE: 2028 Fairmount Ave

OUR PICK: Brisket Breakfast Burrito

REVIEW: “Came here for brunch. The brunch menu seems very simple but the food turns out to be fantastic! As recommended by the server, we got breakfast burrito, veggie omelette, n kid size pancake to share. All three were so delicious !! The main dishes all come with a side salad. Sweet potatoes are used instead of potatoes in the burrito and omelette which is a refreshing substitute. The pancakes are so fluffy and yummy – I know I will get them next time 🙂 Price is very reasonable, given organic ingredient. Main brunch dishes are around $10-12. Service was also excellent. High recommended.” Alice Chiu

White Dog Cafe


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WHAT: Boisterous doggy-themed restaurant serving eclectic fare made with local & organic ingredients.

WHERE: University City; 3420 Sansom Street | Wayne; 200 West Lancaster Ave. | Haverford; 379 Lancaster Ave

OUR PICK: Butternut Squash Bisque - $9

REVIEW: “One of my favorite places in philly. After going to college here for 4 years and coming back, this place is still, and always will be one of my favorites. They are so accommodating to dietary restrictions. The food is fresh and delicious. Being from LA, fresh veggies are standard. Here, the standard is maintained. So let’s conclude, the dishes are simple, elegant, and bold. Need I say more?” – Brian Leung



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WHAT: Vedge offers a classically elegant dining experience with a progressive, bold approach to cooking.The menus at Vedge are putting vegetables in the spotlight, featuring locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Absolutely no animal products are used in the Vedge Kitchen.

WHERE: 1221 Locust St.

OUR PICK: Stuffed Avocado - $11
REVIEW: ”Is Vedge the best vegan restaurant in America? It might be one of the best restaurants, period.” Trey Popp; Philadelphia Magazine