Are you sick of having to eat like a rabbit to keep the body of your dreams? Do you find yourself feeling unsatisfied and bored by the salad that is honestly just too hard to swallow?

Eating healthy and feeling completely satiated are synonymous thanks to Herban Quality Eats, a little place we like to call “clean eating heaven”.


Herban Quality Eats, conveniently located on the corner of 36th and Market Street (3601 Market Street to be exact) is the newest must experience health focused, fast and casual eatery in University City. Herban specializes in home-style plates with a wholesome twist. Right now, Herban is open Monday-Friday 11am-9pm and is also available through the delivery app Postmates. It’s a quick stop, as usually it takes just a few minutes from the time a customer enters to the time their meal is ready to go.


At first I thought to myself, how is this place any different from popular restaurant chains like Sweetgreen and Honeygrow. But then I realized just by looking at the plates they create that Herban was completely different, and quite special. At Herban, you receive a traditional American plate, like you’d find dining at a full-service restaurant, in just minutes. Whether you’re looking for steak and potatoes or really do prefer the leafy greens, Herban has all of the options prepared and ready to go. Here’s a look at how you order the plate of your liking, kind of like Chipotle style:


Coming from a fitness aficionado, the best part of Herban is its care of quality. Their foods are nutrient rich and ALL NATURAL. All of the carbs served are unrefined and unprocessed. They serve whole grain rice and noodles, and their proteins are lean and naturally raised, free of antibiotics and growth hormones. They prepare food using only natural and virgin cooking oils with no trans fats or preservatives, use natural cheeses, natural sweeteners, and moderate the amount of salts, natural sugars and oils they add to food. And, the menu has something for omnivores, pescatarians, vegans, gluten- free and paleo followers alike. To sum it up, Herban is natural, nutrient rich and thoughtfully prepared like your mom used to do for you every night.

Herban is clearly as passionate about fitness as we are at WeTrain and they strive to make healthy eating more of a pleasure rather than a chore. They share all of their nutrition information online so that the calorie conscious can continue to measure their intake while also exploring the wide range of carefully picked ingredients that Herban uses. We love the fact that Herban is contributing to your fitness goals that we’re hoping you have expertly designed with the help of our personal trainers.


Basically, what I’m trying to get at is that when lunch break hits and you’re craving some substantial, real, and delicious food, you’ve got to try out Herban.

WARNING: Do not taste the guacamole at Herban unless you are willing to have your guacamole standards raised up ten levels. You may never eat Chipotle guac again.